Bridgwater College Academy


The aim of our PTA is to bring together parents, carers, teachers and students for social events.  The money raised will provide items for our Academy that otherwise would not be available to the children.

The PTA meets each term and all parents/carers are encouraged to attend as it gives you an opportunity to hear about any funding requests being brought to the PTA and to have a say as to how the money is spent. 

The meeting is also a forum for discussing future PTA events and sharing fundraising ideas. We understand the difficulty in committing to something like this but we are happy for any involvement that you could give us, whether it is manning a stall at one of our events, donating items or even just turning up to our Bingo Nights! 

This is for the future of our children.  If you would like more information please contact us at:

 Bridgwater College Academy PTA

Chair: Charlene Craig

Vice Chair: Miss Victoria Parkin

Treasurer: Mrs Wendy Day/Mrs Charlene Craig

Secretary: School Liaison

Marketing Manager: Mr Chris Hill


Facebook: @BCAPTA