Bridgwater College Academy

BCA Curriculum Intent

Reading, Challenge and Cultural Opportunity 

As an all through academy, at every stage, our curriculum focuses on the importance of developing cultural opportunity for our students.  

Cultural opportunity is gained when students are taken beyond their experience, when they encounter knowledge, develop understanding and practice new skills. Possessing a broad foundation of knowledge and experience empowers our students. A focus on enabling deeper understanding produces successful learners, who are ready for next phase of their education.  

So much in our daily lives is accessed through reading. At Bridgwater College Academy, we celebrate the importance of reading because it ignites the imagination, broadens vocabulary, allows students to give voice to their ideas, and understand their world. 

At Bridgwater College Academy we recognise that learning is challenging and that success requires resilience. We acknowledge that our students can achieve exceptional things when we expect more of them. High levels of challenge and high levels of support sit at the heart of our curriculum.  

Ultimately, our curriculum and the education we provide aims to give students the resources, knowledge and abilities they need to lead fulfilling lives.