Bridgwater College Academy


At  Bridgwater College Academy we are committed to delivering all the requirements of the new primary curriculum from September 2014.

We have updated our schemes of work to reflect the content and challenge of the new curriculum. Teachers have received training in the key areas of curriculum change and we are ready to provide outstanding curriculum provision.

The curriculum will be taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners. Our curriculum will be exciting and will inspire children to nurture a passion for learning. An overview of the topics  chosen through which the content will be delivered can be seen for each key stage.

 Use the link below to view specific curriculum content for each area.


 You can also download a free parents guide to the new curriculum by using the link below:

Key Stage One Curriculum

After one year in Reception your child will progress into Key Stage One, where learning covers all aspects of the National Curriculum for Years One and Two. 

We teach English through an inspiring Talk for Writing approach based around active story telling with many opportunities for role play. This helps our young children to develop an extended vocabulary that they can use in their own writing. Reading is taught through the Sounds Write phonic programme which encourages children to say the sounds to read the words. Daily Comprehension lessons also allow the children to develop their understanding of what they have read so that they can answer questions accurately.  

All children in KS1 are taught Maths in accordance with White Rose Maths. During Maths lessons children are given opportunities to explore mathematical resources, solve problems and reason about their thinking. In addition to this, your child will develop key skills during Handwriting and Number Sense lessons.  

Learning remains fun and exciting through a range of interesting subjects. These are supported by visitors and trips to ensure that the children have first hand experiences.  

 Please click here for a Year 1 Overview 

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Summer B Year 1 Overview

Summer B Year 2 Overview

Please click here for the Key Stage 1 PE Curriculum Overview