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Listed to the side are a variety of useful revision resources across the subjects.  These have been identified by Bridgwater College Academy teachers as useful websites to go to if you or our students are unsure about where to go.  The teachers of Year 11 will be discussing these regularly in lessons so all students will be aware of them already.


Below are links to the short knowledge PowerPoints that Year 11 use each morning in tutor time. There is a PowerPoint of questions for the three core subjects of Maths, English and Science. These are great for quick and easy revision sessions which have the answers listed after each set of questions. There is also a PowerPoint of all the revision techniques discussed in Year 11 tutor time since September 2020. These would be great for students to recap to remind themselves of the useful revision techniques that we at BCA recommend.

English Tutor Time Quiz

Maths Tutor Time Quiz

Science Tutor Time Quiz

Year 11 Tips and Guidance