Bridgwater College Academy

Pastoral Overview

Personalised and caring pastoral care is one of the foundations of our Academy. We want all our students to feel that school is a happy, secure and safe place. 

Our philosophy is simple; we are warm but clear in our expectations with the children in our care. We encourage them to work hard and to go beyond their best. We do not apologise for expecting our students to always work hard to realise their potential. We do recognise that life can sometimes be challenging. As a team, we always aim to remove any barriers to learning that prevent students succeeding in the classroom. 

In the Primary Phase, class teachers and teaching assistants build strong bonds with the students in their care. We work hard to get to know our families and we encourage parents to step into the classroom to talk to staff at the beginning and end of the school day to share successes and to air concerns. 

Two learning mentors are available each day across the Primary Phase. They may touch base with children who have had a bad day, follow up on playground difficulties to ensure all is resolved and sit alongside a young person in class to help build their confidence. This role exists to ensure that all our students are happy in school and are therefore ready to learn.  

In Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, these same principles underpin our tutor system, which is overseen by Heads of Year and Academy Leaders. They are supported by a team of staff who intervene when needed and provide care and support ensuring that our students can learn and make good progress.  

A particular strength of the school is our very strong relationships between staff and students. This is a school where staff value students as individuals and where respect is mutual.  The staff who work at the Academy genuinely care about our students. Our staff recognise that it is a privilege to work with your children during their time at Bridgwater College Academy. 

"Our staff recognise that it is a privilege to work with your children through the most important Bridgwater College Academy is a school that will celebrate when your child does well.  Every child is expected to perform to the best of their ability and we will positively recognise and reward those efforts.  We also have a system of consequences (Cs) for students who do not follow the school rules and who need some support in recognising negative behaviours. 

All our primary classes and secondary tutor groups follow a Personal Development programme, this covers a wide variety of relevant issues and topics linked to their age group.

Primary Overview 

Personal Development Curriculum

Philosophy and Beliefs Overview


We employ a Home School Liaison worker for the Academy and access the Academy Trust Family Therapy Worker, both are always willing to visit you at home or to meet you in school to support with your child and family through any difficulties you may encounter whilst your child is with us at the Academy. 

BCA has a wide range of staff to support your child's emotional and mental wellbeing. Full details of the range of services available here.