Bridgwater College Academy

Letters from existing Year 7 Students

Hello soon to be Year 7 ! 

We were all new Year 7s once, and we know exactly how you are feeling. We know what it is like. 

It is normal to be a bit apprehensive but remember secondary school is really fun. There are so many people that you will meet. You will really enjoy meeting your tutor, and your tutor group! It is a great opportunity to make new friends. I really enjoy my lessons: Science, Arts and English. Enjoy your summer holiday. 

We look forward to seeing  you in September. 

Summer Debonis 

Hey soon to be Year 7!

As you can imagine lots of you will be nervous about moving up to Year 7.  I was as well but do not worry, it is not scary and you will get through it. I know it is quite tough going from the oldest in primary to the youngest in secondary but if you need help going to classrooms or just going around in general just come and see one of us council members.  It is easy to find us we will have the badges on us.  Anyway, you will meet new friends.  You will get used to being part of BCA and you will get into the routine.  All teachers at BCA are lovely and I am sure that they are happy to help with any worries or problems.  You can always talk to your tutor.  Some of you are aware of the 3 R’s if you do not these are the 3 R’s:  Respect, Resilience and Responsibility.

Bye everyone, stay safe and enjoy Year 7!

Yr 7 Student Council – Fatou-Marie Bojang