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Mental Health and Wellbeing Ideas and Support for Staff

Staff wellbeing 


Mental Health Support Team at BCA

Headspace for Educators - Free Mindfulness App 

FOF BOC (feet on floor, bum on chair) by Manchester Art Gallery ( 

Latest Resources - Dr Pooky Knightsmith 


Care First 

Care First offers professional counselling 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and can help with a range of problems from everyday matters to sensitive, traumatic or emotional issues. Care First also offer a range of advice on issues such as: debt management, family and personal matters and workplace issues. Their telephone number is: 0800 174319 

Reward Gateway 

You can also access a wide range of well-being and support packages through Reward Gateway:  BTCT TrustEd Rewards

 Once accessed you can click on the ‘Well-being Centre’ – this provides you access to support via Heath Assured (similar to Care First) and to the well-being portal 

There are also Care First details available on the Reward Gateway site 

Clinical Supervision 

Via Helen Moore – for some roles, or for identified staff. If you would like to be considered for clinical supervision please discuss with your line manager and if appropriate this will be arranged.