Bridgwater College Academy

Welcome to Bridgwater College Academy

The Bridgwater College Academy is an all-through Academy.

This means we have students in the Academy from age 3 up to 16 when typically students will take their final GCSE exams.

There are many advantages of being ‘all-through’ for students. Unlike most other schools we are able to ensure that students’ progress between the various phases of education does not slow down as a result of transition. We are in a unique position to be able to build upon all previous learning opportunities with a connected and seamless curriculum, forensic tracking of student progress, monitoring of support and interventions and a comprehensive and holistic view of well-being and student support.

We are able to share our teaching expertise across phases with primary aged students able to access the Science, Drama, Art, ICT and DT facilities of the secondary phase whilst in Years 3 to 6. Additionally, for those pupils who require a little more time to master literacy and numeracy skills, primary colleagues are able to teach and support learning into the secondary years.

The teaching in the junior and secondary phases is built upon a shared understanding of the curriculum and of our interconnected approach to teaching and learning. This means that our staff in the secondary phase have a unique understanding of primary education and how your son or daughter has been taught up to Year 6. The result of this is that students in Year 7 make excellent progress upon joining the Academy, regardless of which primary school they have attended.