Bridgwater College Academy


It is in the interest of better life chance for our students, that we emphasise the importance of school attendance for individual educational outcomes and develop systems and support that maximise the attendance of all students.

All students are expected to attend regularly and be punctual. This establishes good working habits. Students who attend regularly achieve better results than those who do not.

All students should aim for 100% attendance as a minimum target. The Academy monitors all students’ attendance regularly. Students with poor attendance are identified and appropriate action is taken.

We recognise the importance of developing a culture and positive ethos in which students want to learn and attend school. The Academy follows the Somerset Local Authority and DfE Guidelines. We work in close partnership with parents, Governors and the Education Safeguarding Service.

Many students come to school with a range of needs and feelings as a result of difficult experiences. Bridgwater College Academy has developed a range of flexible responses to meet the emotional and social needs of the students. There are in place a range of strategies in pastoral, learning support and curriculum areas that focus on enabling the individual to achieve.

Covid19 Advice

Somerset Schools - Self Isolation Guidance

Covid19 Absence: A Quick Guide for Parents/Carers

Registration Times:    

Sedgemoor     8.50     and      13.00

Quantock        8.50     and      13.00                        

Polden             8.25     and      13.35

Present Marks:          

/           Present

B          College

V          Educational Visit

W         Work Experience

Absent Marks:            

O         Unauthorised

M         Medical

G         Unauthorised holiday

H         Authorised holiday

N         No reason provided yet

Late Marks:

L          Before Registration Closes

U         After Registration Closes (Over 10mins) this classes as an unauthorised absence.

The decision to authorise an absence rests with the Academy. The reasons must be clear and acceptable. The categories for authorised absence are found in our attendance policy.

The Academy follows the Government regulations. Absence as a result of holidays taken during term time will not be authorised unless there are special or exceptional circumstances, and this will only be up to ten days in school time and only if the student’s attendance is at least 97%. No holiday absence even if it meets the criteria will be authorised even in special or exceptional circumstances, for students whose attendance is below 97%. At the start of the academic year, attendance of the previous year may need to be considered. Parents need to apply for holiday absence before going on holiday and need to explain the special or exceptional circumstances.

If a holiday request is not authorised and the parent still takes the student a Penalty Notice of £60 may be applied.

For students who have odd days off on a regular basis, or reach 5 unauthorised absences, parents will be contacted by the Academy Attendance Officer. If a student has 8 unauthorised absences within 12 school weeks’ parents will be requested to attend a meeting.

Please note LA guidelines state that schools can issue a warning penalty notice for students with at least 10 sessions of unauthorised absence within 12 school weeks.

When the Academy suspects that absences due to medical reasons which are not genuine, they will be unauthorised unless medical evidence can be provided. When a student’s absence becomes a serious cause for concern the Academy may refer the student to the Education Safeguarding Service.

If the students attendance doesn’t improve or there are unauthorised absences legal action may be taken following LA guidelines.

Please click here to view the latest Attendance Policy

Encouraging Excellent Attendance

Certificates and achievements points are awarded half termly for those with 100% attendance in that half term.

Regular prizes are awarded for tutor groups/classes with most improved attendance.

Attendance contributes to end of year reward certificates.

To report a student absence please call 01278 727313